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In 2015 Cyclone Pam increased global consumer awareness of Vanuatu in a negative way. The Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) received funding to run a major integrated campaign to bring the destination branding of Discover What Matters to life in its key markets of Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. GTI was responsible for developing and rolling out this campaign.


Through an integrated campaign, GTI invited consumers to reconnect with what truly matters by showing them that all the important things in life are right in front of them, in Vanuatu. The strapline ‘It’s Been Right In Front Of You All Along’ was developed.

To realise the concept, inspiration was taken from the teachings of meditation and mindfulness as well as research and studies on how to achieve inner peace and true happiness. These formed the basis of a series of life affirming guidelines (tenets) for the consumer to reconnect with what matters. These were: Slow down / Immerse yourself / Be in the moment / Reconnect with nature / Make new friends / Share laughter / Eat naturally / Be alone

These life affirming tenets forming the content pillars and assets were developed for the integrated campaign which was promoted through a TVC, website (, digital media advertisements, social media, competition, co-operative campaigns which wholesalers, trade communications and newsletters and public relations activities including an Instameet.


From 31 May to 31 July, 2016 the use of digital advertisements led to 60,781 clicks and 22,133,031 impressions to the dedicated website, which was 27% more clicks than forecasted and 117% more impressions

The TVC was shown during prime time in metro NSW and QLD and regional QLD for three weeks in May/June. An additional 1,000 bonus spots on metro television resulted in 30% more coverage with an added value of AUD$151,273. 295 bonus spots in regional Queensland also resulted in AUD$45,000 added value

Through the competition phase the website received 24,900 clicks and 1,936,309 impressions, which was 92% over the forecasted amount

Facebook was a key performer in the digital campaign with nearly 6 million impressions from adverts and content with a reach of nearly 2 million and over 35,000 clicks to the website

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