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Falcon & Associates

Dubai, UAE


In January 2014, Falcon & Associates agreed to host the Badminton World Superseries in Dubai to bring Badminton to a centre stage on the Dubai events scene and to help and promote an active life style through one of the most dynamic sports in the world. Our challenge was to tighten cultural relationship between Dubai and China, two key economies that merge together into one brand mark; BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries. We also needed to create the entire suits of launch and event communications.


Our team succeeded in creating a brand mark that melded together two of the most identifiable elements that being the flight of the shuttle cock and the Dubai’s most iconic image, the Burj Al Arab. The result is a dynamic identity that helped us to produce a range of bold and striking collateral pieces to be used throughout the pre-, and actual event stadium. The ‘heroes’ strategy drove over 100 pieces of artwork and the design and launch of the event’s new digital home.



A newly created and sustainable brand over the 4 year period of the Finals

A highly attend event

Generating high awareness within the sports industry of Dubai’s ability to host world class events

World Superseries 1
World Superseries 2