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Dubai, UAE


Under Armour

Dubai, UAE


Under Armour, having grown to become the second largest sports brand in the US at the time and a global success story, wanted to find a smarter way to launch into the UAE and the wider region. Initial budgets were far smaller than competitors and they needed to differentiate quickly as a brand of action rather than of empty words. They needed to outsource to a partner to create this launch pad.


Be an insider. Create community support and promote from within the Dubai fitness community through a socially led approach.

We worked with two leading physical trainers in the region to create ‘The Armour Challenge’. A fully integrated platform true to their purpose of helping athletes to perform better rather than making advertising promises. Creating awareness, mass engagement, social debate and supporting their retail store launch objectives, all within one organised idea.


Campaign website with thousands of participants

11 x photo shoots with new influencers - mass engagement

11 x social films

Print and outdoor campaign

Large scale live final event + 15 x gym partnerships

Under Armour 1
Under Armour 2