TMI Consultancy

Moscow, Russia


Slovenian Tourism Board


Russia’s most popular Travel channel, “My Planet”, visited Slovenia and created a series of programmes about Slovenia as a spa and wellness destination.


Slovenia is not a very well-known destination in Russia, but its state of the art wellness centres are of particular interest to Russian travelers, who are attracted to destinations with a wellness component. TMI was commissioned to identify the best channels for promoting Slovenia during the off-peak season for health, wellness and spa vacations.


TMI chose the TV travel channel, “Moya Planeta”, to showcase Slovenia’s unique natural and medical possibilities for health and wellness travelers. The filming focused on several events taking place during the off-peak travel season (end January - early February) which at the same time provided coverage of the main wellness resorts as well as some of the most scenic routes around Lake Bled and the Alps. The three resulting TV programs produced as a result of the press trip were devoted to Slovenia’s wellness resorts, showcasing the country's scenery, festivals and wellness and spa potential. The total number of broadcasts (original and repeated) is estimated to have reaching an AVE of more 15 mln Eur. In addition, Slovenia had the added value of receiving the endorsements of a famous TV presenter, Andrey Ponkratov, via his personal social media accounts.


The media- and consumer-led campaigns provided an increase in awareness and popularity of Slovenia for Russian travelers and resulted in a 40% increase in the sale of medical and wellness packages to Slovenia resorts. The TV series also increased awareness about Slovenia’s rich culture and history, as one of the programmes was dedicated to traditional celebrations which included the participation of a Russian anchorman dressed in traditional costume, which went viral on social media reports and provided endorsements for the festivals in Ljubliana and Ptuj.