TMI Consultancy

Moscow, Russia


Japan National Tourism Board


JNTO opened its representative office in Russia in 2010 and requested that TMI create a website in Russian to ensure continued and effective communication in the Russian market.


TMI developed a website concept and design which it maintained with regular updates in order to share information about Japan with end-consumers and the travel industry. There was a dedicated section exclusively for online training sessions for the travel industry, which allowed travel professionals to check and certify their knowledge of Japan, as well as allowing B2B communications such as newsletters and new itineraries.

The launch of the website was accompanied by a Russian Facebook page, as well as the development of accounts on other Russian social media network to ensure a wider outreach to Russian consumers.

Special contests and consumer activities were initiated on Facebook and VKONTAKTE accounts to help create communities. This, combined with some strategic online advertising, resulted in the establishment of some loyal groups of Japanese news followers and allowed us to accumulate a solid client database for interaction and news exchange over a six-month period.

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