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RadonicRodgers Strategy+ is the largest and most recognized Travel & Tourism marketing agency in Canada. From brand development and alignment to campaign innovation, we bring the World to Canada and send Canadians to the World.

The firm develops motivation strategy for inbound and outbound travel, including global and regional destinations, attractions and natural assets, hotels and resorts, tour operators, travel agencies, coach lines and air lines. RadonicRodgers Strategy+ provides media planning and strategy, with fully integrated services, including a thorough understanding from a Travel & Tourism marketing perspective of French Canadian and English Canadian cultures.

Insight. Discovery. Strategy. Results.

RadonicRodgers Strategy+'s Work

RadonicRodgers Strategy+'s Leadership

Edward Radonic

Edward Radonic

Co-founder & Managing Director at RadonicRodgers Strategy+

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Strategist, Travel & Tourism expert and most of all, passionate cheerleader for our client’s success!

As a marketing practitioner for over 23 years, and co-founder of RadonicRodgers Strategy+ in 1997, Edward has earned accolades attributed to his entrepreneurship, founded 6 firms, navigated multiple mergers, acquisitions and sales of firms. He continues to be instrumental in RadonicRodgers Strategy+’ success. He lends his keen marketing sense to help RadonicRodgers Strategy+’ clients succeed. Ed is focused on addressing client’s marketing challenges by developing new strategies to combat them. Ed, has led RadonicRodgers Strategy+ into the Travel Marketing Specialty and was marketing leader for marketing programs and campaigns for various Travel sectors such as Tourism Boards, Destinations, Attractions, Hotels & Resorts, Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Airlines.

“RadonicRodgers Strategy+’ membership in Travel Consul, enables us to utilize the unique capabilities of our partner firm’s in their geo-markets, offering our clients a truly global reach while providing Canadian-specific expertise to CONSUL members.”

- Edward Radonic

Ross Rodgers

Ross Rodgers

Co-founder & Managing Innovator at RadonicRodgers Strategy+

Nurturing the firm's award-winning Travel and Tourism branding and marketing leadership, Ross’ insights and analysis combined with clarity of the big idea, drives RadonicRodgers Strategy+’ results-oriented focus.

Ross’ professional background, includes achieving Top 100 Canada’s fastest growing company status four years in a row, Top 50 Marketing, and TOP 40 Creative firm in Canada which includes a decade and a half of postings at a variety of respected advertising and creative firms prior to co-founding RadonicRodgers Strategy+ in 1997. Having directed hundreds of national branding exercises for Travel and Tourism B-to-B, Travel Associations, Travel Retail, and Travel Publications, Ross has been written up for his work in creative magazines and has shared his Travel & Tourism marketing perspectives in national Travel industry publications, business columns and magazines.

“Travel Consul is the only marketing agency collective that provides a truly global Travel & Tourism marketing team for Canadians who are among the most active travelers to the world while Canada is a top-ranked global place brand with 80% of travelers interested in visiting Canada in the next 2 years.”

- Ross Rodgers

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