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PacRim Marketing Group is a global marketing communications firm specializing in helping established brands and organizations grow their share and spend of the Asian International Traveler market. Founding its U.S. Headquarters in Hawaii in 1990 at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific, the agency has since expanded into a synergistic group of companies—PRTech, started in 2004, and PacRim Marketing Tokyo, incorporated in 2006 and now operating as the firm’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Japan. How do you plan to capture your share of the fast-growing Asian International Traveler (AIT) markets? As leading AIT specialists, PacRim Marketing Group and its online marketing affiliate, PRTech, have the expertise and agility to provide enhanced results working:

  • Directly with clients (overall or with specific departments)
  • Collaboratively with their agencies
  • Collaboratively with other Consul agencies

PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech have pioneered multilingual, integrated marketing strategies and communications technology to help clients attract travelers from Asia—who become increasingly impactful segments of their customer bases. The group’s experience and integration of all marketing and sales disciplines and channels are sought out and relied on by clients across various industries such as travel, tourism, hospitality, retail, development and real estate.

PacRim Marketing Group,Inc. & PRTech, LLC's Work

PacRim Marketing Group,Inc. & PRTech, LLC's Leadership

david erdman

David B. Erdman

President & CEO at PacRim Marketing Group,Inc. & PRTech, LLC

Dave uses his thirty plus years of cross-cultural communications and integrated marketing experience in the hospitality, travel retailing, shopping, and visitor industries in his consulting and business development roles to lead PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech.

An active leader of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and the Retail Merchants of Hawaii, Dave has been honored for assisting the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau with integrating retail and tourism marketing, and he received The Governor's Retail Merchant Award in recognition of his contributions to the retail industry. He has both lived and worked in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. For market insight and promotions with client/partners, Dave travels throughout Asia; he maintains a hands-on approach and close engagement with targeted markets in coordination with PacRim's market specialists and Tokyo office, which serves as its Asia-Pacific headquarters.

As a testament to the group’s success in focusing on the ever important Asia-Pacific traveler source markets, PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech have been recognized as the largest public relations firm and a “Fastest 50” growing business in the State of Hawaii. As the U.S. SBA’s (Small Business Administration) 2010 “Exporter of the Year” for the Hawaii/Pacific Region, PacRim Marketing Group was recognized for pioneering multilingual, online marketing and technology platforms that help hotels and other travel related businesses capture a greater share of the Asian International Traveler market.

Dave and his team of multilingual, culturally savvy marketing professionals strategically based out of Japan, Hawaii, and throughout the North America, are known for their ability to develop and execute progressive approaches to Asian-language marketing, advertising (online and print), and public relations programs that integrate traditional tactics with new media and digital platforms. PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech have gained a reputation as specialists and advisors to established brands and organizations wanting to increase the share and spend of Asian International Travelers as a portion of their business mix.

“The rapid growth of the Asian International Traveler market has created exciting opportunities for firms wanting to increase their share and spend from these important source markets. As an advisor and partner, PacRim Marketing Group and PRTech are positioned to help global firms increase reach into these markets. Now businesses and traveling consumers the world over can rely on a newly formed alliance of the preeminent global marketing leaders—Consul—to grow their businesses.”

- David B. Erdman

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