Interface Tourism Italy

Interface Tourism is Southern Europe’s leading tourism marketing agency. With offices in Paris, Milan and Madrid we have our roots in some of the most successful tourism destinations in the world. Southern Europe was one of the first regions in the World to recognize the value of tourism to national economies and to dedicate resources to researching and developing marketing techniques specifically designed for selling travel and tourism.

Some 25 years ago, we were among the first to apply this inbound marketing experience to grow the region's outbound tourism market. Today, we are proud to work for over 50 leading tourism brands in France, Italy and Spain.

Just as our languages are different but share a common Latin root, so too do we share certain traits that allow us to be considered by many as a single market despite the idiosyncrasies of each country. Our teams in France, Italy and Spain work together to seamlessly promote clients brand throughout Southern Europe.

Interface Tourism Italy's Leadership

Serena Valle

Serena Valle

General Manager at Interface Tourism Italy

Serena started her PR career on a major agency in Milan and then moved to the hotel business in charge of Sales and Marketing. In 2001 Serena moved to Turin, where she started working in one of the biggest PR agencies in Italy, first as PR Account Manager for international tourist boards, like New Zealand and Kenya, and then as a Marketing Director for international accounts such as: Hong Kong, Seychelles and Jordan. 
In 2007 Serena founded Interface Tourism Italy which is today managing as GM and partner of the company itself. In these last three years, thanks to her role in the tourism business, Serena has also been invited as speaker of various conferences and training sessions around the world. Her last experience being Vietnam 2009 on behalf of the EU.

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