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Use an original communication to promote Mexico in a fun and impacting way in Paris.


This street marketing action also could have be realized using Smart cars; However, to reach people’s mind in a stronger and most attractive way, it was decided to use Volkswagen Beetles, internationally known as THE Mexican car. 6 Mexican Volkswagen Beetles totally covered with photos and logos. With 6 hostesses (one per vehicle) dressed with typical and traditional Mexican clothes (large sombreros and colored ponchos). During half of the day, the Mexican Volkswagen Beetles drove hours long in the center of Paris, to be as visible as possible by the general public. During the other half of the day, the Mexican Volkswagen Beetles stopped in strategic places (shopping places, tourist places, business places etc.) to distribute documentation on Mexico. The places where the Mexican Volkswagen Beetles had to drive and were they had to stop had been carefully chosen, thanks to geo-marketing studies.


  • 6 days - 462 hours of high visibility in the most famous places of the center of Paris
  • A total of 1.447 kilometers throughout Paris
  • A total number of 71,250 leaflets distributed by hostesses
  • A large number of positive comments in the streets
  • A real buzz among Parisians (people calling the Tourist Office to know where to see the Mexican Volkswagen Beetles etc.)
  • The owner of the Mexican Volkswagen Beetles was so enthusiastic about the positive aspect of the operation that he extended the operation some days more…