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Slovenia is a small country with small marketing budgets and when the national tourist board asked Interface Tourism to suggest a campaign to "active, urban families" for under 50,000$ we had to think out of the box.


The budget did not allow for any wastage or hit and miss experiments so we had to find a way to make sure that our messages reached those "active, urban families". We created a pantomime horse, in honor of the famous Lipizzana stables of Slovenia, and hit the streets of in search of active families with high disposable income. We went to public parks, sports centers and favorite family venues to interact with our target consumers directly. We even took the horse on the city subway! Photographs taken with "Feelipo" ,our friendly Lipizzana, were uploaded to a competition page on Facebook and friends and relatives of the featured families voted achieving thousands of new fans ...all qualified "active urban families."


In just for days we generated 8,000 new fans for the Slovenia fan page and the videos uploaded to you tube and vimeo (including Feelipo's encounter with a police horse) were popular hits. This original campaign concept was also feature in online and offline media.