Interamerican Network

São Paulo, Brazil


Dubai Tourism

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


To promote and position Dubai as a leisure destination by reaching out directly to the final consumer to intensify their desire to experience this exotic and wonderful destination.


Love Dubai was a campaign promoted by Dubai Tourism in partnership with Raidho Tour Operator to reward a final consumer of the mall “Shopping Paulista” with a trip to Dubai for one person with a companion. The campaign was promoted to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Brazil.

During one month, Dubai was in the mall with a booth inviting the final consumers to pass by the booth to take a digital picture in a Dubai scenery, taking home a kind of souvenir from Dubai. Meanwhile, with the structure in the mall, the final consumer was attracted and was interacting with the Dubai campaign.


The campaign was a great branding action to show Dubai for a huge number of people with a potential to travel abroad. It was also an opportunity to interact with the final consumer directly, showing its diversity and to positioning Dubai as a wedding and honeymooners destination. Nowadays, it is possible to see many people going to Dubai for a romantic escape.

Spontaneous Media Coverage: Valentine’s Day will help malls to sell 3,5% more