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A large global  media production group, Talpa Media, hired Tourism Consultancy to assist with various aspects of the Peru episode of the Dutch TV program “Het Perfecte Plaatje” (The Perfect Picture).


Reaching  over 1 million people, the Dutch television program,  “Het Perfect Picture,” is a competition between Dutch celebrities to see who can take the most beautiful picture. For this project, they were assigned to take photographs in Peru. Tourism Consultancy proposed ideas to Talpa Media, organized all details for the filming and carried out the PR for this episode. The finalists of the TV program, presenter, crew of Talpa Media and Tourism Consultancy travelled to Peru for the filming.


Tourism Consultancy’s efforts did not go unnoticed and made a significant impact. In total, 36 clippings were published in Peru around the final episode. The   total reach of these clippings was 13.1 million. The   total media value of the clippings published was   754,346 . Lastly, over 4,600 people posted on Instagram with the hashtag #PerfectPicture combined with #Peru. 

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