Dragon Trail Interactive


Dragon Trail Interactive is an award winning digital marketing agency and travel technology company in China that helps global travel and tourism organizations reach and connect with affluent Chinese consumers.

Dragon Trail Interactive leverages the internet and social media in China to spread brand messages of our clients, and help our clients execute results-driven digital marketing campaigns. Dragon Trail Interactive does not replace travel agencies, either online or offline, for travel bookings. Instead, we help our clients increase brand awareness in China by generating buzz about their products and services using online influencer marketing and social media campaigns.

When we say we are 100% focus on Travel, 100% focused on Digital and 100% focused on China, we mean it. What that means to our client is that they have a local partner in China who lives, breaths and eats digital; who thinks consumer behavior from the stand point of the travel path-to-purchase; and who puts all resources on learning how to reach and engage with affluent Internet users in China on behalf of our clients.

We are headquartered in Beijing, with  offices in Shanghai and in Xi’an.

Dragon Trail Interactive's Leadership

george cao

George Cao

Co-founder & CEO at Dragon Trail Interactive

George leads the Dragon Trail team with more than 20 years of experience in the travel and technology industries in both China and America. An accomplished entrepreneur, George co-founded travel meta-search engine Searchparty.com in Silicon Valley, and founded Beijing based travel search site Go10000.com, which helped introduce the concept of travel meta-search into the Chinese market. Previously, George worked for Rich Internet Application developer Altio Inc., managing several Fortune 500 clients, and for WorldRes.com, one of the earliest B2B distribution platforms for hotels. Earlier in his career, he had worked for Choice Hotels International and Hyatt International in both China and the US.

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