Madrid, Spain


Mexico Tourism



Mexico is a very popular destination with many stereotypes: ponchos, sombreros and of course, the Vocho taxis

  • To use original communication tactics (street marketing) to promote the destination and achieve a strong impact.
  • Branding of 6 Vocho taxis totally covered in fotos and logos of Mexico with 6 hosts in traditional Mexican dress.
  • Travel around the centre of Paris to be as visible as possible for consumers alternating with some stops in strategic places around the city in order to distribute promotional material.
  • All of the places had been carefully chosen following geo-marketing studies to reach the target market for Mexico.


  • 426 hours of exposure (6 days) in the most famous áreas of Paris
  • 1.447 kilometres around Paris
  • 71.250 tourist brochures distributed by the hostesses
  • Positive feedback from the consumers and many follow up calls to the tourism office for Mexica to find out where they could see the Vochos.
Mexico Tourist Board