By Christopher Pomeroy of MMGY Global on July 8th, 2019

Travel Consul becomes Associate Member of European Travel Commission

Travel Consul is a global organization dedicated to the tourism industry and as such we actively seek partnerships with other global tourism entities with whom we share values and objectives. In 2015 Travel Consul became an Affiliate Member to the United Nations World Tourism Organization and since then we have actively supported the UNWTO’s promotion of sustainable development of tourism through reciprocal partnership in industry events and pro-bono video production on Women Empowerment in Tourism.

In May 2019 the European Travel Commission (ETC) invited Travel Consul to become its first tourism marketing Associate Member. Travel Consul’s membership was approved by the board and members of ETC at its recent plenary meeting held in Bucharest.



ETC was founded nearly 70 years ago as a unique public sector association, representing European NTOs. In the last several decades, it has positioned itself at the forefront of the European tourism scene. In accordance with its mission to strengthen the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination, ETC has recently extended its membership opportunities to a select number of private organisations and academia whom it feels can best help the public sector achieve its goals.

ETC’s long-term aspiration is to set-up a new forum in which public and private tourism stakeholders can cooperate to create benefits and eliminate disadvantages for the travel industry in Europe.

About Travel Consul

Travel Consul is an international travel marketing alliance consisting of advertising, media, public relations and marketing firms spread across five different continents – all specializing in travel. With more than 400 clients in the travel and tourism sector, our global team of more than 600 experts work seamlessly to implement global strategies with unique hands-on local market knowledge and industry relationships. With a gross turnover of over $90 million USD in 2018, we have a strong influence in the sector at a global level.


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By Christopher Pomeroy of MMGY Global on July 8th, 2019