By Danielle Clouzet of Interamerican Network on November 14th, 2017

It’s a hard time to work with Brazilian tourism, most people think. But where people see economic and political difficulties, Roberto Medina, founder and president of Brazilian music festival Rock in Rio, sees an opportunity.

In the most recent edition of Rock in Rio, which took place during September, Medina announced the launch of the calendar of events "Rio de Janeiro a Janeiro" (Rio de Janeiro year-round, from January to January) and a new music and entertainment festival in the city, scheduled for 2018.

This information was given during Medina’s speech on the main stage of the new Rock City to an audience of about 600 people who participated in the Rock in Rio Academy by HSM, a separate event held for entrepreneurs after the music festival. The program presented a series of lectures and discussions on management practices, brand values, purposeful marketing and entrepreneurship in a live case study format.

“Rio de Janeiro a Janeiro”

According to Medina, the moment of crisis that Brazil is facing reaches Rio de Janeiro with even more force, but many people were living in peace on the first weekend of Rock in Rio this year, sitting on the grass with joyful faces. This inspired him to come up with this new festival idea for the city.

The executive revealed that a few months ago, from conversations with other promoters and entrepreneurs, he began to set up a permanent calendar of events for Rio de Janeiro, encompassing culture, entertainment, sports, fashion and business.

The first project to be launched was the calendar "Rio de Janeiro a Janeiro", which had the support of the Brazilian federal government.

At the launch event, onstage with Marx Beltrão, Minister of Tourism, Sergio Sá Leitão, Minister of Culture, and Leonardo Picciani, Minister of Sport, Medina reinforced that they will take Brazil back, even living without security. Rio de Janeiro is home for many, and it will be transformed into a great place again.

Rio de Janeiro a Janeiro


According to Medina, the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) projected that a 20-percent increase in tourism in Rio de Janeiro would impact more than R$6 billion in the economy in the first year and about R$200 million for the cash register of the City Hall of Rio.

Zaytrons – Planet of Andromeda

Besides Rock in Rio, the “Rio de Janeiro a Janeiro” calendar has another of Medina’s projects slated for 2018: Zaytrons – Planet of Andromeda, a new festival that aims to mix music, games, entertainment, and social and environmental discussions with an alien theme.

During a video presentation, the alien Akiiva was presented to the audience, a fictional character that would like to return to Earth and Rio de Janeiro to show humans how their planet has achieved a reality of peace, prosperity, high technology, sustainability and preservation of nature.

The video showed the festival's visual design, which will also take place in the Olympic Park of Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, during three weekends and with 24 major musical attractions. In addition to the shows, the festival would have a Cirque du Soleil show, an ice-skating show and an artificial snow mountain for skiing.

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By Danielle Clouzet of Interamerican Network on November 14th, 2017