By Maria Sánchez of Interface Tourism Spain on January 18th, 2019

Spain Returns to Travel Around the World

We started 2019 with very encouraging news: the Spanish market is climbing in the ranking of outbound markets and showing growth in tourist spending.

In fact, in the last decade the tourism sector has experienced a true revolution that has completely changed the Spanish market. We are witnessing a new digital traveler who follows new consumption patterns increasingly dominated by technology.

The emergence of social networks in the lives of Spaniards has caused companies to take much more care in their communication with consumers, establishing channels of digital communication that are agile and effective in order to maintain a constant dialogue with them. On the other hand, a new traveler profile has become consolidated, more informed and demanding, who seeks a unique and different experience in each of their trips.

Spain is, without a doubt, an opportunity for those tourism companies that know how to adapt to these new needs, since it is among the countries that is growing the most in the world. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), practically all of the major outbound tourism markets recorded a positive evolution in 2017, both in traditional and emerging markets. UNWTO, in fact, highlights the significant growth of more than 12% of outbound Spanish travelers in 2017.

The balance of payments data issued by the Bank of Spain makes this clear, and the numbers say that until the ninth month of 2018 Spaniards’ spending outside the country reached 16.185 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 12.4% (1.788 million more) year over year. This data shows a rebound in Spaniards’ spending on their trips abroad. There is therefore an opportunity for those companies and destinations that recognize the potential of Spanish travelers.

panorama 2019

Interface Tourism Spain is ready to launch the new edition of Panorama 2019, its annual publication of the key data and trends in the Spanish outbound market, which will be a useful tool to develop effective tourism marketing strategies. FITUR Madrid, the leading trade show for the Ibero-American markets (Latin America, Spain and Portugal), will be the event to present the main findings of Panorama 2019: characteristics of the Spanish traveller, how the model of tour operation has been changing to adapt to this new traveler profile and the key communication channels to reach them.

Panorama 2019 is now available for free download:   Spanish version  and English version


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By Maria Sánchez of Interface Tourism Spain on January 18th, 2019