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Increase and disperse arrivals in the city. While Italy is an important market for the destination, most of the product sold is concentrated in Manhattan; moreover Italy boast of a good number of repeaters which leave room for strengthening dispersal in the different boroughs.


The challenge was  to make the other boroughs trendy, known and requested by consumers and increase hotels and attraction presence in TO catalogues. Capitalizing on ‘NeighbourxNeighbour’ marketing campaign promoting insider tips about the new areas,  trade and PR activities have been implemented journalists + influencers visits and media pitches on PR side, massive number of product briefings and presentations to Tour Operators’ PMs and training to Travel Agents on the travel trade side.


As a result, both coverage and product presence have dramatically increased for all the boroughs.

Starting from a situation in which 80% of coverage was on Manhattan and Brooklyn, we have achieved a more harmonic distribution for all boroughs: Manhattan 41%, Brooklyn 20%, Queens 14%, Staten Island 14%, The Bronx 11%.

Through the PR activity an advertising value equivalent of €11.8M was achieved in 2017 with >500 pro-actively generated pieces and over 1.041B reach of Italian consumers.