Two Tone Global has extensive global experience in  travel & tourism,  FMCG and mobile sectors and has executed numerous through-the-line campaigns and projects throughout the world. We have  established useful alliances with global partners, ensuring that the agency is always in touch with cultural and business trends worldwide. These relationships and partnerships allow The Agency true agility to execute at a drop if hat!

The team  has executed strategic brand development projects for clients like South African Tourism, South African Airways,  Airports Company South Africa, UNISA (University of South Africa), Virgin Mobile,Transnet Group, South African Breweries, Coca-Cola, Ghana Oil and GCIS (Government Communication and Information System).

AFRICA is The Future

Why Africa?

Two Tone Global   has selected countries that show great long-term prospects and those that promise to expand the agency’s capabilities such as Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. We have thoroughly assessed these markets’ potential and actual market size, market growth rate, competitive intensity, the strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential competition as well as the height of entry barriers, including tariffs and quotas. Once company resources constraints have been identified, and entry is feasible, we‘re in business.


Two Tone's Leadership

carlo 376

Carlo Murison

Group CEO at Two Tone

A passionate AFRICAN, who has the insights and skills to deliver and create innovative cross platform communication methods to drive objective message management and positively grow the bottom-line for clients and their Brands. A true specialist in understanding The African Brand/Comm/Business landscape.

A qualified Graphic Designer / Art Director/ Copy Writer / Artist (Painter), Carlo has led by example developing work for brands such as SA Tourism, Swaziland Tourism, Freestate Tourism, Mpumalanga Tourism, Northern Cape Tourism, South Afrucan Airways, MTN, Coca-Cola, Nike, and GOIL (Ghana OilCompany) and worked on campaigns from London, New York, Paris to Japan, and across 28 African countries, to list a few. 

“The Mind is the ultimate frontier, explore it, feed it, understand it, but most importantly protect it with your everything you can. Our travel philosophy: the ultimate goal is to turn every tourist into a passionate traveller that engages with the world as his or her HOME”

- Carlo Murison

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